Annual Review & General Meeting announcement

Fernie Flyers Cycling are presenting their Annual Review and announcing their General Meeting.

General Meeting

To be held 7pm, Tuesday March 31st at The Old Elevator Building, IGS Enterprises, 1st Avenue & 3rd Street

Fernie Flyers Cycling Society registered non-profit April 2014

First meeting September 16, 2013
Board of Directors: Dan Savage, Derick Beery, Martin Vale, Scott Gilmett, Clark Weber, Mike Rumple (Treasurer), Lu Furber (Secretary)

Membership: $25 per person or $50 for family, participant or friend memberships available
66 total members. Breakdown: 7 individual, 1 friend, 58 family, 55% male, 44% female, 1% unknown, 76% British Columbia, 22% Alberta

Cycling BC: Provincial Club Affiliate $150 plus Directors & Officers Liability insurance $385
All program run through Cycling BC, participants required CBC license starting at

CCN Bikes
Membership and programs administered through ccnbikes.com, 6% processing fee

Spring Camp
6 Sundays, May long to Canada Day, ending with the Fernie 3 race, $180 including jersey-not including membership and insurance ,18 participants aged 6-13 years, 12 males and 4 females, local riders

July Summer Camp
July 14-17, 9am-1pm young group, 9-11 and 5-7 for older group, $130 including jersey, not including membership and insurance, 20 riders aged 10 to 15 years, 8 males and 12 females, intermediate to expert riders, 25% local riders, remaining Calgary families FAST

August summer camp
August 11-14, 9am -1pm, $130 including jersey, not including membership and insurance
4 male intermediate to advanced local riders

Flyers Cross
6 week program: Sept 7-Oct 12 (ran 5 weeks due to cancellation)
Sign up 10:30 am, event 11:00 am
Free, ages 10 years and up
$500 insurance purchased
Left over FFC jerseys as prizes

NCCP Coaches Course
May 3 & 4 $170, 2 day coaching corse for beginner to intermediate bike programs
5 participants, FFC paid for Carter to attend and the 6th vacant spot
Rate: $18 – $25 based on certification and coaching experience, training and admin rate: $15
Paid as contractors, provided coach jerseys and training
Requirements: NCCP or Endless Biking Level 1, min 8 hr first aid, CBC Technical license $70
Lu Furber, Marlene Vale, Carter Nieuwesteeg, Ross Frazer, Ryan Kikauka, Kat Robinson, Kim Shopland

Merchandise: short $16, long sleeve $20, race $65 jerseys, shorts $85, 7 items sold (ccnbikes)

Social Rides
Listed spring and summer social rides on website, Lu and Dan attended no public attended

Fernie 3 and Enduro suppport
Fernie Flyers Cycling sanctioned the Transrockies Society events through Cycling BC

Funding and Sponsors

City of Fernie, Parastone Developments, FAR Summit Fund, Columbia Basin Trust, RDEK, Fernie Central Reservations, Rockies Law, Savage Marketing, The Cedars, Gear Hub, East Kootenay Credit Union,

Spring Registration Fair April 2 & 3
Sticker program through sports clubs and schools
Fernie.com event and news promotion
Fernie Fix Kids Summer Guide
Fernie Flyers cycling tips in a few of the Fernie Fix
Poster for spring, summer and NCCP course
Newsletter to emails from spring registration fair, registrants and sign up function on website
Stickers: small for hand outs, large for Derick’s van and to make a banner for events and programs
Facebook Group
Newspaper exposure on May 15/2014 Fernie Flyers Cycling Society has Landed article submitted by Dan, September 11/2014 Fernie Flyers Cycling Society flies into fall by Sarah Kucharski on Flyer Cross
Trailers: Dan’s event trailer and Derick’s trailer

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